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2018 – The Year of New Beginnings

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL from our Executive Director, Lillian Tindyebwa

It is good to know that we are all here, having crossed over the invisible gate of time firing on all fours and that we are going to continue in the same energy and spirit throughout 2018!

As we start the year, we need to know how we are going to stay positioned to receive His glory in our work, ministry, health and finances and so many other areas of our God-given endeavours.

I am blessed to be the one to write on this blog for January 2018 for many reasons.  It means I am given the mega responsibility to listen and hear what the Spirit is saying and sound the wakeup call, pointing us in the right direction for 2018.

While that is going on, the Spirit has already revealed that according to the Hebrew calendar, this year (ending in 8) represents a number of good things including wisdom, life, the doorway of light from Heaven but above all it represents New Beginnings. That was already the topic that was decided on way back in November!

As I write this I am convinced this year is going to bring fresh and new things into our lives. This is not just speculation but something already predestined depending on how we position ourselves.

When we look at history we can take some useful hints and lessons. Almost 500 years ago, the Reformation took place. This was the Hebrew year 5278 (1717). In that year we see the start of something new. When Martin Luther pinned his theses to the door he was only a vessel for something bigger to come. The year 5278 was the symbol of new beginnings and a doorway of light from Heaven. Indeed, this light penetrated and led people back into the truth that Christianity is all about having a personal relationship with God and that one cannot buy one’s way into Heaven.

I believe we are going to see new beginnings, new things that will be significant. As skilled people in many different disciplines, we have the ability to do things that can bring fresh thinking and new trends like Martin Luther’s theses did! It does not matter whether you are a farmer, a teacher, an IT specialist, a writer, or whatever area God placed you in; together we can influence our world. We need to believe this and hold on to it and not let it go. I have been praying for this and I see a light indicating that 2018 is the time.

Just like the time of the Reformation, there will be opposition in our way, but God will give great wisdom to those that follow Him. It will also be a year that many will accept Jesus Christ into their lives. So let’s be poised to be used of God to bring new beginnings to this nation, continent and beyond.

Whatever happens in this year, we need to put our armour on because with a greater level of glory comes a greater level of warfare. On the 31st, some members of my family went out to overnights in different points in the city. A few of us stayed behind and we held our own overnight. Our reading was Ephesians 6: 10-20. We spent time discussing the armour of God and what it means. God spoke clearly, the armour is going to be very much needed. Let’s not sleep without putting it on, and let’s not start the day without it!

We need to revive our senses and feed our spiritual bodies with the word of God, correct our thought patterns, and seek to be in His presence at all times.

Whatever He is going to ask us to do will come through the revelation of His word. Let’s seek wisdom and understanding of His word. So in 2018, we shall seek to be useful warriors in the end-time army of our Lord.  Let’s be ready to step into that doorway of light in this year of New Beginnings.

So, where are you positioning yourself as the year starts?


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