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About UFWA

We are a community of writers who, about five years ago, started meeting together on a regular basis to read each other’s writing, pray, and offer encouragement in the craft and beyond. Meeting with others was something that built both our faith and improved our writing and before long, our little group grew into a family of writers who actually write! We named this meeting ‘Quiet Garden Fellowship’ and this eventually grew into the publishing arm of UFWA known as Quiet Garden Publishing.

From our experience, there are many people who have a desire to write but are not actually writing for a variety of reasons. Meeting on a regular basis with other writers allows an individual writer to share both their struggles and their triumphs. Most especially, it allows for a progression of the quality of writing as well as the quantity of work produced as writers become more disciplined.

Our members are Christians and we believe that our writing should bring inspiration, encouragement, enlightenment, and hope to our readers. We are therefore calling all Ugandan writers out there to come and surround themselves with like-minded people and become the writers they desire to be!

If you are gifted spiritual writer, you are welcome to the Quiet Garden Fellowship. Even if you are consider yourself to be a beginner with simply the ‘desire’ to write, you are still most welcome! Come and share whatever you may be working on at the moment. It could be a novel, a spiritual or motivational book, a poetry collection or a children’s book. People everywhere, in Uganda and beyond, need well-written books that give hope and uplift the spirit amidst the challenging circumstances that we face daily. Your writing can be a beacon of light in the midst of the darkness!

Currently, we have three books that are already in the final stages of publication and will be available for your reading pleasure soon. These books are the fruit of the hard work of our current members and we believe, as our membership grows, that we will be able to produce many more books of excellent quality which we display the truth and joy of our faith.

We are also currently running creative writing classes to attain our organisation’s objective to nurture and grow Ugandan writers of every ability. We are confident that the next, great Ugandan novel will be from one of our talented members! Therefore, watch this space! Why not join now and enjoy the benefits of being a member of UFWA? WE are excited to meet you and help you on your writing journey!

To write and publish Christian Literature that builds, nurtures and strengthens the faith of individuals, the community and the nation

A transformed Community of spiritually mature Christian Readers and Writers

The major aim of the Organisation is to write and publish books that are relevant to Uganda and which will foster Christian maturity and bring hope to a continent known for wars and conflict.


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