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My Faint Heart By Anita Ntomi Muhangi

Flippy Flipity Flop
butterflies flying aloft
doing the tango in my belly!
I’m really giddy and my legs are jelly.

He loves me?
He loves me not?

I’m wringing my sweaty hands,
unable to steady my shaky grip,
hanging onto your promise,
wondering if you’ll call.

“You are my one true love,” you said.
“My world, my sunshine.”

I cling to your melodious confessions
holding my breath then
letting it out in little gasps.

My whole being clings to you.
You are the storm outside
and the calm inside my restless soul.

You said you love me.
Did you not?!

My flipping heart won’t make it to dawn
If I harbour an inkling of doubt
about your unfailing love.

You do love me, right?
Or you love me NOT?

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