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Welcome To Uganda Faith Writers Association (UFWA)

The books we publish are written by Ugandan Christian writers. Uganda Faith Writers holds monthly writing fellowships known as Quiet Garden (QG) Fellowship and this is where our members meet to share fresh work and receive critiques of their work from their fellow writers. From these fellowships, members have developed publishable  manuscripts, the development of which has led to the establishment of a  publishing House known as Quiet Garden Publishing. If you are gifted spiritual writer, you are welcome to the Quiet Garden Fellowship. Even if you are consider yourself to be a beginner with simply the ‘desire’ to write, you are still most welcome! Come and share whatever you many be working on at the moment. It could be a novel, a spiritual or motivational book, a poetry collection or a children’s book. People everywhere, in Uganda and beyond, well-written books that give hope and uplift the spirit amidst the challenging circumstances that we face daily. Your writing can be a beacon of light in the midst of the darkness!


Organising spiritual writing retreats for adults and young people

UFWA is a membership-based Christian Organisation and therefore the spiritual lives of our members are of utmost importance. We believe that when the connection with God is alive and thriving, that’s when inspiration flows freely and creativity is at its best.

Monthly Quiet Garden writing fellowships

We hold monthly meeting on the last Thursday of every month at our premises in Kisaasi, Kampala. It is here that the members get to share any new projects they are writing on and thereby receive advice from their fellow writers. The work members produce during QG is always considered for publication in a yearly anthology produced by UFWA.

Writer's workshops

On a yearly basis, we make an effort to hold a minimum of four workshops to facilitate our members in their calling as writers. We have partners who we work with and they are always willing to help with the running of these workshops. WE aim to make sure that our members are nurtured as writers as well as spiritual

Prayer retreats

These go hand-in-hand with our Spiritual Retreats and it benefits our members to always have a prayer life that is alive with the resurrection life of Christ. We do not encourage a mere religious act that is performed out of a sense of duty but rather a heartfelt and spirit-engaged communication with our Father.

Editorial services

We offer first class editorial and proofreading services for both individuals and organisations at competitive rates. We try to cover both nonfiction and fiction, and we will always sit with the client and give our honest assessment of our confidence in whatever subject matter is offered us. ‘Professionalism and


This is the cornerstone of our organisation. It fits into our objective to ‘nurture’ writers and our deepest desire is to publish work that is of an international standard while at the same time allowing writers to grow instead of just mastering technique.

Some of Our Partners

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